Trent Lott’s resignation: The rumor has not been corroborated…

If you read my earlier entry today about Trent Lott’s resignation, you will know that I passed on a rumor that was circulating about the supposed “real reason” for Trent’s resignation.
Readers should note that as of now (10.33pm on Tuesday 27th Nov.) there has been no corroboration of the rumor. Fair is fair –I felt obliged to mention this.
Poor Trent Lott has enough explaining to do about the several reasons for his resignation, and will no doubt be grateful that he doesn’t have to take on rumors as well.

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One Response to “Trent Lott’s resignation: The rumor has not been corroborated…”

  1. Beth

    Setting aside the other gossip about Lott, it has been reported (and now, I believe, confirmed) that Lott’s brother-in-law has been indicted on bribery charges. There may be other alleged offenses, but it’s reported that he offered to bribe a judge (who was wearing a wire) for a favorable ruling regarding some Katrina litigation.

    This indictment, rather than the Sunday sermon, may have been the deciding factor for Lott.