Towards an understanding of George W. Bush: what kind of person is he? Some observations…

One of my great interests is the Game of Politics. And one of the really interesting questions is: “What kind of person is George W. Bush?”
Love the guy, hate the guy –OK. But –know the guy?; understand the guy? What kind of person is he?
And why has there not been anything written about him, on this level?

And another important question: What does putting GWB in charge say about us?

Among many of my Dem. friends since the Bush accession in 2001, there has been a cliche: George Bush is stupid.
I think this is wrong. Worse, it is self-deluding. George Bush may be a lot of things, and a lot of things that I don’t like, but I don’t think he is “stupid”. Immature, “political”, venal?: yes, I would say these all play a part. But not stupid.
If he is stupid, then Democrats should pray: “Let us be as stupid as Bush so we can win an election.”

Of course the 2006 midterm did change the picture quite a bit. (One by one, the neocon curia began to desert him, and the previous rules of Bush Unassailability began to change. Francis Fukiyama went first. In Jan.2007’s Vanity Fair, Richard Perle and –if I remember correctly– Ken Adelman, continue the “sinking ship” metaphor. Perle thought the idea of the Iraq war was fine: it was the execution that was flawed…

One of the themes I want to explore with everybody is the concept of responsibility. GWB seems incapable of taking responsibility, of owning up, of coming clean. This is not easy for any of us, but I think we would all agree that Taking Responsibility is a mark of Maturity (–which is why I used the term “immature” above.)
Over the years I have been saving examples of Bush Not taking responsibility –fascinating reading, unerring.
In his latest speech, about The Surge in Iraq (1.10.2007) –following all the screwups, and mistakes, anf refusals to listen to opposing points of view, and the denials, and obfuscations– GWB broached the issue of…Responsibility. It’s his Buck-Stops-Here moment: here’s how it came out:

“Where mistakes were made, responsibility rests with me.”

We’ll examine that one later on. And I’ll share my other examples with you.

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