Frogs, anyone? I love frogs; I am on the side of frogs; I admit it –I am a Ranaphiliac!

Close-up photo of  Ranaphilia's paste paper handpainted coveranother closeup of a ranaphilia handmade book by malachi mccormick

In fact, I am so much a Ranaphiliac, that it was I who invented the Word back in….when was it.

I wrote The Book on Frogs: I called it “Ranaphilia: Love of Frog.” “Rana” meaning “Frog” and/or “Toad”, and “-philia” meaning “Love of”.

“Ranaphilia” is a set of three miniature books in a hand-painted miniature slip-case with draw ribbon. It sells for thirty five dollars.

   All my books are handmade, and all of them have elements of  book-arts and/or ‘artist’s-book’ to them –some more than others. “Ranaphilia: Love of Frog” has most of all: unique among all my books, the miniature slipcase features a hand-painted cover.

  I think they are beautiful, but then –I would say that, wouldn’t I? “Ranaphilia” is the set –to my mind– that most illustrated the terms “Book Arts” and “Artist’s Book”.

Because you could say that “Ranaphilia: Love of Frog” is an unusual collection, I have set out to describe it here so that people will have a better idea of what it is: “Being an Eccentric Collection of Frogiana. A Celebration of Frogs. Three miniature books in slipcase– handmade, dated and signed by Malachi McCormick.

“Letter to a young frog.”What every young frog needs to know about five million years of frog-human relations.

“Basho’s Frog”. 101 translators take on Basho’s famous 7-word haiku and become trapped in the Tower of Babel.
“The insistence of an irate policeman’s whistle”: a genius –Roger Conant– describes Frogcalls.

“Frog went a courtin’.” A brief musicological history shows the original tune was licensed to be published in London in 1549.
Plus –Assorted Frog Verse. Emily Dickenson, Hillaire Becket, Ben Johnson & Robert Herrick.

Each set, signed and dated, is handmade by Malachi McCormick, who also created the unique, one-of-a-kind decorated paste-paper slipcase,
or the handpainted Dot Paintings & book covers. Price: Thirty-Five Dollars.

Do please let me have any questions –I will get back to you with my best answers.
Thank you,
Malachi McCormick.

[Tomorrow I will post some selections from the books.]

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