The Art of the Story

Here’s a lovely little story that I just heard on NPR radio (I listen on WNYC)in a weekend story feature put together by Ira G? –sorry, I can’t bring up Ira’s surname right now). Ira puts together a weekly hourlong program that has to do with stories, and I can’t think of anything quite like it, with anything approaching the amount of care, and insight into what makes a story a story…

Ira often will present an hour of stories collected under a particular theme. This week’s theme was “KID LOGIC”, reflecting that wonderful process by which kid’s observe and explain to themselves what they see going on about them, without the “insights” that we adults employ, or are supposed to employ.

Here is the very brief –to me very affecting– little story that I have been thinking about –on and off– since I heard it:

“A little four year old girl is going on her very first airplane trip. She has often seen planes take off before this, watched them rise into the sky and then get smaller and smaller until eventually they disappear.
But now, this time, she is on the plane. It takes off. Soon they are flying in the sky…
She turns to the adult next to her –maybe her mother– and asks:
“When do we get smaller?”

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