How to Make a Decent Cup of Tea – A handmade book by Malachi McCormick

how to make a decent cup of tea- a handmade book by malachi mccormickI was at the Small Press Book Fair over the weekend, a very pleasant annual event at The Mechanics Building at 20 W.44th St. in Manhattan.

I was happy to meet many old friends –some of whom I meet only at the fair. There may not have been quite as many exhibitors as last year, but there was much of interest to see, and a steady stream of book-people coming through. Altogether a thoroughly pleasant event.

One of the exhibitors took me aside and in a lowered voice told me that my prices were too low.
Said she: “I bought ‘How to make a Decent Cup of Tea’ from you back in 1990. It cost four dollars then and it’s STILL FOUR DOLLARS!!!
You have got to put your prices up! I wouldn’t say that she was directly castigating me, but there certainly was more than a hint of castigation to her tone.
I considered attempting to explain why I hadn’t put up the price, but I just didn’t seem to have the energy for it.

Yes, my friends, “How to Make a Decent Cup of Tea” is still only $4. And I will sign it –free, naturally– if you wish it.

But do not be dismayed. If you wish to pay more for it, there are many book sellers, book dealers, book antiquarians, and, indeed, book pirates, out there –all over the world–who will be only too happy to oblige you.

If you go right now to and search for “How to Make a Decent Cup of Tea”(DCT)by Malachi McCormick, you will find a dealer offering it for $115. Yes, 115 Dollars!
I find the book frequently offered at 20 and 30 dollars. Recently –thanks to Google– I discovered that a bookstore in Tokyo was offering it for the yen equivalent of 50 dollars. It was still being offered the next day, but on the third it was gone, sold for 50 dollars.
I caught Barnes & Noble selling one for $35.13 a few years ago. Yes, the same Barnes and Noble (is there another?)that won’t sell Small Press books, let alone Small Press handmade books.
(That in itself is an interesting story that I will tell you in a future posting.)

If you wish to buy “How to Make a Decent Cup of Tea” do let me know when you order whether or not you wish me to sign the book(s) for you.

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