Rush Limbaugh puts his big fat “ugh” in it. My comment in today’s New York Times.

Rush Limbaugh has an UGH! in his name.

And right now, that UGH! is about all the Republican Party has to contribute. Rush has become the voice of the party.

In today’s New York Times. Timothy Egan takes an interesting Op-Ed look at Rush that I recommend to your attention. I append my comment here:

“Dear Timothy Egan,

As someone who tunes in regularly to Rush (and Sean, and the others) I found your analysis of him to be quite excellent: I have long believed the Limbaugh Pathology to be an important and necessary study (–even though I confess that I do find it hard to take much more than five or six minutes of that Toxic Limbaugh Witness.)

Rush will be Rush: he maintains that he is Mr. Conservative rather than Mr. Republican. (Indeed, he may well have done as much in 2008 as Barack Obama to defeat John McCain.) He has become the unreasonable voice of the Republicans, devoid of any intellectual integrity, and apparently there is no Republican to challenge him on this.

I happen to think that the nation would be well (or at least, better-) served by a reasonable and responsible Republican party as loyal opposition. At least, come up with a few reasonable and responsible Republicans who will inject their intellectual integrity into The Big Debate that the nation needs so badly to have as it inches along the highwire –and without a net!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be about to happen. Instead we read that many impressed individuals –including, apparently, Supreme Court Justice Scalia– like to hang out in the extravagant tastelessness of The Limbaugh Compound and blow smoke from those in-your-face cigars at each other.

Scalia hanging out with Limbaugh? Could there be a worse index of The Limbaugh Pathology?

Can we shame the right into intellectual integrity? Let’s hope. More important, which Democrats –beside Barack Obama– are really ready to engage them?

–Malachi McCormick”

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