This is NOT about Rush Limba(ugh!) It’s about the Republicans who fear him.

As befits a man whose name ends with an UGH!, Rush Limba(ugh!) is reaching new depths of gracelessness.

Having helped John McCain to FAIL in his 2008 Presidential bid with repeated stabbings in the back –as a Proud Liberal, so did I, but that’s different– Rush LimbaUGH! has been running off at his bombastic mouth recently wanting Barack Obama to Fail, and now hits a new disgraceful low with his remarks about Senator Ted Kennedy as reported in the Boston Globe today:

“Senator Edward M. Kennedy drew a standing ovation when he appeared at the White House healthcare summit on Thursday.
But radio show host Rush Limbaugh gave him another kind of greeting yesterday, suggesting that Kennedy, who is battling brain cancer, would die before a healthcare overhaul bill is passed.
Continuing his criticism of President Obama, Limbaugh said on his show that Obama is failing to fix the economy, “so he’s moved on to healthcare. This is highly visible, it’s news-leading, gets a great focus, plus it has the great liberal lion, Teddy Kennedy, pushing it.”
“Before it’s all over, it’ll be called the Ted Kennedy Memorial Healthcare Bill,” Limbaugh added.

There is a proverb in my book of Irish Proverbs which goes: “What can you expect from a pig but a grunt.”

LimbaUGH! must have that proverb framed over his bed; he certainly seems intent on reminding us of it every day. Rush will be Rush: Rush will be his narcissistic bloviating self-congratulatory self, in his race to the bottom against the Hannity-Inanities, the Steyn-Stains etc etc.

But –aren’t ANY Republicans embarrassed by his disgraceful insults?

By his wish for failure and death in the nation?

In this time of severe trial for all Americans, indeed for all the world, and for the hard road ahead, especially the re-tooling of our institutions?

America, you/we have no idea of how hard this is going to be!

Republicans, we do need you to be a reasonable, principled, civilized loyal opposition –especially now. The nation needs you to behave as an extension of the Barack Obama Principle of full debate!

My advice to you: let go of that very-slight Fanny & Freddy beef you insist on bringing up all the time –you have a point, a slight point; leave that anti-regulation anti-nationalization ideological rhetoric aside –at least be open to a serious debate about the issues.

And let’s have a dissociation from LimbaUGH, a censure from some principled Republicans. Maybe even a demur from Rush-pal Supreme Court Justice Scalia, who we hear hangs out at the tasteless LimbaUGH sprawling compound.

Can we hear from a few of you? Soon?

And not retract?

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