IF it had been up to Rudy Giuliani and his advisor Norman “Nuke ‘em now” Podhoretz…

If it had been up to Rudy Giuliani and his chief war-advisor Norman “The Nuke-happy Neocon” Podhoretz (who wants Rudy and the U.S. to bomb Iran “as soon as it is logistically possible”) we might have already –ooops!– bombed Iran. That is, of course, if it had been logistically possible.

Ooops! indeed.

For now comes that damn National Intelligence Estimate report that tells us that Iran had halted its nuclear-bomb development program in 2003. Where do they get this stuff?

(What I don’t quite understand yet is: has this NIE report just come out, or did the Administration know about it for some time but just kept it hidden from us?)

In any event Rudy has sunk his talons into the Republican Candidates Chief Hawk slot –no “Pale Male” status for him. In the briefest few months Rudy “America’s Mayor” Giuliani has generously fleshed out his resume for us, and added a few other sobriquets. To the now rather tame “Shop and Grieve” he has added “The Hamptons Tryster”, “My NY: Crime Down, Adultery up”; –and the latest, “Nuke now; You might not get a chance later.”

You have to admit it –the way things are shaping up, the guy does seem the (logistically) perfect successor to Dubya.
The BIG question: can they persuade Dick Cheney to run again?
The BIGGER question: with Rudy there, would they really need Dick as well?

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