photo by Willi Chu

My name is Malachi McCormick, and I make handmade books. I started The Stone Street Press in 1980 and have published some 50 titles since. 2006 was the 25th Anniversary of the press, and now I’m looking forward — if my presumption doesn’t offend the actuarial deities– to the next 25 years of books and book-making and small-press publishing, and book arts. If my life were a book, these would be some of the chapter headings:

Chapter One: Growing up in Ireland.

I was born in Ireland, in Cobh, a small harbor town in County Cork, in 1937, and lived there for the first twenty years of my life. I am fourth in a family of six kids –with only one sister.
Cobh is a small town, and it has had quite an effect on me. Back then it had a population of about five or six thousand. Its character was influenced by a number of factors –its south-of-Ireland and particularly its maritime location and the fact that it was under British occupation for quite a while, from early 1700s up to the early 1900s. Its huge naturally-enclosed harbor made it of particular interest to the Brits, and so their presence there was more apparent than average.Growing up Catholic was also quite significant, but probably most influential on me of all were my father and mother, who only seem to grow in stature in my mind as the years pass.Their informed common sense and their wisdom, and the resposibility they felt for raising their children, were at the center of their legacy.There is obviously a lot more to be said about this opening chapter, but I will stop for the moment, and just round out the other chapter headings, before I log off.

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