Chapter Three: The Community.

In 1966 I make a huge change –I join a community. A close, admired, friend was already involved. Soon afterwards the community leaves the U.K. I go with them. It is a huge committment.
(I will spend a dozen years in this community. Some wonderful things will happen in those years, but –much more significantly– it will also, effectively, destroy itself. Quite an education. One of the very good things that happened was that I started writing, and was appointed Editor-in-Chief of the publishing efforts of the community, particularly a magazine.
I also got married and had a daughter while in the community.

Chapter Four: I leave the community

Chapter Five: I start The Stone Street Press.

Chapter Six: The Press, and the future,25 years later.

I have already commented on this in the previous paragraphs, so I will leave it at that for the moment.So those are the chapters. No doubt we will get back to them.I look forward to your input, your questions and your comments on all these things.As you will have gathered I am interested in most things –in what’s going on, on where we all are going, the good things, the opportunities that are there, that will be hugely important in coming years.I am deeply concerned with the directions that we are taking, and the things that we are ignoring, and denying; at how our culture is defining itself. Will we go in positive directions? We will see. I have this very much in mind as I do my books –even the most ancient poetry can have powerful resonances for today. (I have always wanted my website to have an interactive element to it, and now, with this blog, I have it.) In this blog, I look forward to interesting debate and discussion. Let’s get to it, and let us try to do it with insight and humor and respect. And new books, new book projects –some of which I am currently involved in, some of which I know about but still lie somewhere in the future, and some others which I as yet have not the slightest inkling of. In my blog I will no doubt talk about these new book projects as I go along, and, hopefully, get your reactions to them and your input into them.
The character of the press was influenced by one fundamental fact of life. In the generational battle between –on the one hand– the values of my parents and their world, and the “new” evolving values of our community –heavily influenced and defined by the husband-and-wife leadership– there was essentially no contest, despite the fact that in the community there were valuable ideas and concepts, and an adventurousness, and a discipline and intention that got things done.
But the community had no substitute for my parents’s values, and common-sense, and humanity.
And the new press would reflect this swinging back of the pendulum –my reconnecting with, and examination of what it meant to be Irish, and what there was in all of Irish history, and culture, and literature, and poetry.
As in everything else, there is good and bad to be found in there, and there will no doubt be plenty to be said about all of this, in coming days and months.

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