Irish Bread and Cake
Irish Bread and Cake
The Irish Baker’s Dozen:
Barm Brack, Brown Bread, Boxty, 10 others. Includes Malachi's own recipe for gingerbread and barm brack.

From the New York Times, 1990:
In Ireland, the Celtic new year, traditionally Nov. 1, is often celebrated with a cake known as barm brack. It is filled with little symbols, each said to dictate one's fortune for the coming year. Guests do not know which of the charms they might receive. A ring, for example, might indicate an impending marriage. A button, bachelorhood. A rag might predict poverty; a thimble, spinsterhood; a coin, wealth. "In Ireland it's not so much good luck as what kind of luck might be out there," said Malachi McCormick, author. He said his mother always prepared such a cake in his youth.

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