Colum Cille His Life and Times
Colum Cille His Life and Times
Life and Times of St. Columba (521-597) by Malachi McCormick.
Colum Cille is the central figure of Celtic Christianity, in Ireland’s Golden Age. Founder of Derry and 40 other monasteries, incl. Iona.
He was a poet. He was a bookmaker who defined Irish sacred book arts. He was a calligrapher who defined the Irish script which, 900 years later, would become the model for utter legibility in type.
His was a life of spirituality conjoined with humanism. His defense of the poets and their “enduring stories” against the kings who wanted to banish them, at Druimceat in 575, invented the “first amendment” and established the liberal literary tradition.
Colum Cille is one of the great souls of Ireland.
June 9th, 1997 was Colum Cille’s 1400th anniversary: sadly, with all the vast resources of the publishing conglomerates, my book about him was the only one to appear in the USA in recent years.
[For anyone unfamiliar with his name, it is pronounced “Columb-kill”. Also known as St. Columba, he is sometimes confused with St. Columban, aka Columbanus (540-615).

Columcille is one of Ireland’s most important saints. Like all real saints, he is also a humanist. He is an interesting person, civilized, attractive, accessible. The kind of saint we might even try to emulate. He is one of the great Irish prototypes. “Intensely Irish”, he is equally “An intensely universal man.” He had the sensibilities of a poet, calligrapher and artist. He is the “inventor” of the clear and beautiful Irish uncial script –a supreme but vastly unappreciated achievement. He is the genius behind the great Irish works of sacred art –the Books of Kells, Durrow,and Lindisfarne.
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Won First Prize at Bumbershoot Book Fair in Seattle, 1997.

“Another excellent product of Ireland’s modern scribe…. McCormick is fast approaching perfection. A collector’s piece.” (Books Ireland).
“Colum Cille, Ireland’s great saint and poet, would have loved this book.” (Staten Island Advance)

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