The Roots of Music
The Roots of Music
·The Irish Harp ·

The Irish harp in poetry and story.3 handmade books.
The Harp of Cnon I Cosgair (the Irish harp in poetry & legend)
A celebration of The Irish Harp. Its central importance comes through in three poems: one long poem from 1385 about a harp, and two others about a famous harpist from the early 1600s –all with my own facing-page translations.

Also in four significant legends. A three-part historical essay reveals the harp, from earliest times, as central in Irish life and culture, and inseparable from Ireland’s poetry.”Caid cach ceol co cruit,” went the old proverb –”All music is sweet until you hear the harp.”
3×16vo books in elegant slipcase, with draw-ribbon. Title labels calligraphed in gold. 3 initial caps in colored inks.

Price: $30.00