How to Make a Decent Cup of Tea
How to Make a Decent Cup of Tea
[20 pp 32vo]

As my Irish grandma used to say: “when I makes tay, I makes tay!”

Charmingly written and produced with a homemade look, this is the ideal gift for anyone who relishes the tranquil pleasures of the brew.

Includes the author's own recipes for tea brack, scones, crumpets, tea sandwiches, and more--and even a beginner's course in leaf reading.

Quoted from the book
“We can survive functional illiteracy or shattered windows of vulnerability, but not the demise of The Decent Cup of Tea.”
"The best thing to do when you've got a dead body and it's your husband's on the kitchen floor and you don't know what to do about it, is to make yourself a good strong cup of tea."--Anthony Burgess

The New Yorker:
"The definitive exegesis, diversely feted"
“With that name he should know!”

Suddeutsche Zeitung:
“Stands out in the vast tea literature.”

Other version published by Clarkson N. Potter
This small volume was the basis of my third Clarkson N. Potter book of the same title and which ran to four printings which was quite popular during its limited run.

Price: $4.00