Pangur Ban
Pangur Ban
The book is “dual language” –the 9th C. Irish of the original, and my facing page translation in English. The original was found written in the margin of a manuscript in another Library –that of Saint Paul’s Monastery in Carinthia, in modern day Austria.

Herewith, a couple of verses –the first two in Irish Gaelic, and the last two in English– to give you an idea of this lovely and lively poem:

Meisse ocus Pangur Ban,
cectar natar fria saindan
bit a menma-sam fri seilgg
mo menma cein im sainceird.

Caraim-se foss, ferr cac clu,
oc mo lebran leir ingnu;
ne foirmtec frimm Pangur Ban,
caraid cesin a maccdan.

Me and Pangur Ban my cat,
each has his aspiration;
Pangur’s mind is set on mice
and mine on education.

More than any fame I love
my books, pursuing learning;
nor does my friend envy me–
mice are Pangur’s yearning.

Khadi Black cover with cat-linocut.
The book title is Malachi's calligraphy
with gold ink.

Miniature: 2" 1/4 x 2" 3/4.

[Sewn 16pp. 64vo. ]

Price: $7.00