Lament for Art O Leary
On Sale - Lament for Art O Leary
By Eileen Dubh O’Connell with a new translation by Malachi McCormick.Full-length 390-line version.
One of our great Irish language poems, the tragic story of Art and Eileen Dubh O'Connell, his wife.
After years of feuding with Sheriff Morris, Art was shot dead in 1773 near Macroom, Co. Cork.
Remarkably, Eileen’s fierce, tender caoine (lament) was completely extemporized, an ancient Irish tradition carried on by gifted ‘keening women’ the mná caointe.
In a long essay I explore the rich history of the O’Connell household at Derrynane, focusing on Eileen Dubh (aunt of Liberator Daniel O’Connell ) and her mother, the extraordinary Maire Dubh, great matriarch, woman of the house, poet and bean caointe.
“You’ll have to go a long way to find a more beautiful book.” Cork Examiner.
Japanese 4-hole binding. 60pp 8vo

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