Ranaphilia, Love of Frog and Toad
Ranaphilia, Love of Frog and Toad
Warning! Contains eccentric Frog-i-ana!
Three miniature books, in a slipcase:
Letter to a Young Frog.
Translating Basho’s Frog
(Basho’s nightmare)
And Frog Went A-Courting.
And Frog and Toad calls.

From the Latin, rana Frog, literally, “croaker, crier”. Ranaphilia, a special fondness for frogs.

Each slipcase is covered with one of a kind handpainted pastepaper. The 3 books inside have handpainted covers or are black paper with a hand painted label. Every Ranaphilia is different from the next.
Preferred color schemes can be taken into consideration if you select a color scheme with the provided form.

Price: $35.00