The Complete Collection
The Complete Collection
The First 25 Years:1979-2004
The Complete Collection contains every title in the Stone Street Press catalog.
An 800 dollar value
All signed and dated by Malachi
Shipping and handling included free of charge.

All the cookbooks : "How to Make a Decent Cup of Tea" and "How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee" and "Irish Traditional Cooking","Dark Secrets","In Praise of Irish Breakfasts"...(more info)

Slipcase Sets:
-Stone,Tree and Mist,Poems of the changing order.
-Herself Long Ago,6 Irish women 8-10 century.
-The Roots of Music,The Irish Harp in poetry and legend.
-The Sacred Tree,Early Irish nature poetry.
(more info)

An Duanaire :
3 volumes.
-The Love of Irish Women
-The Pleasures of Irish Nature Poetry
-Old Irish Monastic Prayer-Poetry
(more info)
Japanese 4 hole bound~
-Colum Cille
-Lament for Art O’Leary
-Land of Cockaygne
-Listening to the River
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The Proverb Collection~
Irish,English,Yiddish,African and Arabic.
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Price: $600.00