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WATERBOARDING? What is it? A cup of tea? A walk in the park? Or, Repugnant? Illegal? Big trouble for Bush?

Published on November 2nd, 2007 by Malachi

11/2/07, 01:53 PM Judge Mukasey thinks it is “repugnant” but he doesn’t know enough about it to say whether it is illegal! Let’s put that one down as a Repugnant Cup of Tea, or, a Repugnant Walk in the Park, for the Judge, the Rudi Guiliani advisor. John McCain and Lindsay Graham –no slouches in […]

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STATEN ISLAND LOCAL NEWS: “Stapleton man in incident.”

Published on October 10th, 2007 by Malachi

Yes, early on Monday morning –the Columbus Day Holiday– I get off the ferry. It’s midnight, it’s a beautiful night, and I am, as ever, (correction, as often) on my bike. I’m heading for home –normally a ten minute ride. I pick up some milk at the filling station. I turn into my street: I’m […]

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