Entries from May 2007

Language Usage: Folks! It’s punDIT, not punDINT! Allright?

Published on May 30th, 2007 by Malachi

Please: the word is “pundit”, not “pundint” there is no such word as “pundint” Actually, that’s not so: there is such a word as “pundint” –I’ve just invented it. Definition? A punDINT is a person who thinks the word is “pundint” [A subsidiary question: What explains that urge to insert an “N” into “pundit”; is […]

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Language Usage: “Awesome” -and thensome……

Published on May 28th, 2007 by Malachi

Certainly, to have ‘awesomeness’ in our lives is indeed awesome. (Yes, I could have written “to have ‘awesomeness’ in our lives is, well, awesome. Let us call this construct The Pre-Acknowledgment Apology, in which we acknowledge our own laziness in writing –our refusal to pursue the ‘mot juste’– before the reader can groan. Have you […]

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The Town of Cobh: those new images on the Stone Street Press site

Published on May 25th, 2007 by Malachi

I’ve just been looking at the most recent changes that my daughter Sion has been making to my site…I’m amazed and proud… She has used a couple of photos for the the home page which are of Cobh, County Cork in Ireland, where I come from. They were a surprise, and quite wonderful to see. […]

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