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“NO SEX PLEASE, we’re middle class…”: that’s the headline to a worthwhile Camille Paglia OP-ED piece in today’s New York Times. (I recommend it –that and a excellent Frank Rich piece on The McChrystal Fiasco– make it worth the price of admission….

Published on June 27th, 2010 by Malachi

I am not a great fan of Camille Paglia –not her style, not her persona. And not that signature cartoon drawing of her that she uses –it reveals a self-view that is oddly disquieting for some reason. But she has a sharp mind and is a constant culture-watcher. And today’s column is …provocative. I recommend […]

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This week — A HUGE VICTORY for Outstanding Moderation: Reconciliation in Ulster — my response to David Adams of The Irish Times, who wrote this weeks about the Saville Report on the Bloody Sunday report, and Prime Minister David Cameron’s outstanding and exemplary “this-should-never-have-happened” apology to the people of Bogside in Derry, and to the whole world.

Published on June 20th, 2010 by Malachi

Have you noticed? Everybody is out there Promoting* my new Liam Lynch book, “This Should Never Have Happened.” (Out soon). Joining the list this week were Lord Saville with his long-delayed Bloody Sunday Massacre (1969) report, and new UK Prime Minister David Cameron, and The Irish Times. [* OK –perhaps some of it was indirect. […]

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I will be at the ART BY THE FERRY Festival this weekend and next (5th Sat & 6th Sun) and 12th & 13th. Starting at The Lighthouse Plaza on Sat 5th; will stay there if a reasonable flow of people; if not will switch on Sunday 6th to the sidewalk out side of ART AT BAY Gallery, at 70, Bay.

Published on June 4th, 2010 by Malachi

This is a huge event, long in preparation, with lots of different things to see and do by a large crowd of participating artists and musicians and performers. Which I greatly look forward to seeing. I will be participating and doing a number of things myself: 1. I will be showing my new Book, PART […]

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