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[EXCERPT #4 of the new book: Liam Lynch gets an Irish History lesson; defeat after crushing defeat; 1798 followed by The Act of Union, 1801 (“Ireland –was it good for you?”); Forelock-tugging 101; After the Famine (1841-1847-1851), the obdurate Tories lose control of the narrative; the game changes; Liam Lynch’s father & grandfather –unpopular in the community; WWI –fight for “King & Country”, or for Ireland?

Published on September 25th, 2010 by Malachi

12.CONTROLLING IRELAND’S NARRATIVE: IS HISTORY ONLY WRITTEN BY THE WINNERS? But this narrative is here rudely interrupted by the second voice, impatient and imperious. Listen –it is “History-Written-by-the-Winners”: “STOP! Enough with the Saints & Scholars! Your time is long-gone! Now it’s my turn! It is Appetite & Force, not Peace, that is the Stuff of […]

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[Excerpt 3 from my new book, “This Should Never Have Happened” (working title). In which we first meet the young, teenaged, Liam Lynch. Ireland’s struggle for freedom was about to erupt. Two versions of Irish history vie for Liam’s attention –the Old Venerable Irish version, “The Annals of Old Ireland”, and the new version, “History-Written-by-the-Winners”!]

Published on September 15th, 2010 by Malachi

9: ENTER LIAM LYNCH: ANNIE’S COUSIN’S 4- YR. APPRENTICESHIP AT HER FATHER’S HARDWARE STORE IN MITCHELSTOWN. Ireland was a long time longing; its story long unfolding; a populace long-suffering; its team forever losing. False start upon false start –that was Ireland’s history. But now was come a new time –possibility and hope, born of pain […]

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[Excerpt 2 from my new book –it follows on directly from Excerpt 1

Published on September 14th, 2010 by Malachi

6. YEARS BEFORE –AT THE ENGLISH CONVENT— YOUNG ANNIE DISCOVERS THE PIANO Many years before, it happened that some Irish maiden-aunts –5 of them sisters of my grandmother Johanna!– taught as nuns in English Catholic convent schools. In turn, some of their Irish nieces were educated there. One of these -Annie O’Neill from Mitchelstown in […]

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