FACEBOOK –Some thoughts & observations….

May 29th, 2012 Comments Off on FACEBOOK –Some thoughts & observations….

In a few short years, Facebook has for me gone from being a useful resource to acquiring many unnecessary, faddish & irrelevant features, and then to becoming more and more complex, to becoming more and more corporatized.

That’s the word: Facebook is become more and more CORPORATIZED!!!

In the last few weeks, as The Facebook Bubble became more and more inflated and as the delirium of HOW MUCH MONEY Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg was worth, would be worth –it became startlingly and overwhelmingly clear to me —
The thing that brought so many people to Facebook –The Attraction to The New Thing!– was GONE. Soon to be (if not already) PASSE.

The featurelessness of the Zuckerberg Visage was always a little disturbing to me –a TELL, as they say in the world of Poker.

Then there was that extraordinary Wedding Photograph, with MZ’s expressionless Look At ME face. Isn’t one’s wedding day supposed to have more meaning than that.

But the really bad news for Facebook & MZ was when GM announced that advertizing on FB just wasn’t worth the money!

So, nine hundred million people were on Facebook, but nobody was buying anything. That Corporatized Entity that Facebook so clearly wanted to become; that put its “followers” in second or third place;
would be the death of Facebook. The “cachet” was now “passe”! (Or soon would be.)

The bungled IPO offering has quickly revealed something that took us all quite some time to realize –there were INSIDERS (like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs) and there were OUTSIDERS.

We still don’t know the (presumably uncomplimentary) term
that Zuckerberg & Facebook used for all of us –we 99%?– but he could probably rent Goldman Sachs (erstwhile private) word for us. Remember it? The Muppets!


Yes, of course –we would like to know if Mr MZ has any regrets? If he has learned anything from this? Anything that might restore Facebook to even a fraction of its earlier usefulness.

Or was that all a ploy?

Dear Mr. Lloyd Blankfein: Are you ready for “OCCUPY GOLDMAN SACHS”? [GS –who refers to us all as “Muppets” has just started a gauzy PR campaign on TV]

May 4th, 2012 Comments Off on Dear Mr. Lloyd Blankfein: Are you ready for “OCCUPY GOLDMAN SACHS”? [GS –who refers to us all as “Muppets” has just started a gauzy PR campaign on TV]

[Today’s New York Times has a piece on the frontpage about Goldman Sachs new TV campaign, after it came out this week that GS referred to its suckers as “Muppets”]
My letter should appear in the Comments Section at the end of the article, later today.]

Here in the meantime is the complete text:

“Thank you for your submission. Your comment will appear once it has been approved.”

Malachi McCormickStaten Island, New York, U.S.A..

Dear Mr. Blankfein,


Check out FRONTLINE’s “Money, Power & Wall St.” & the Goldman Sachs it showed us before you start your intelligence-insulting PR campaign
I thought that you were the man at GS where “the buck stops”? Clearly, “The Buck” DOES stop there, but NOT the responsibility! That went spiralling on to the Suckers/Muppets/”Sophisticated Investors” who got caught.]
You & your 1% ilk seem to share the same management model with Rupert “I am not responsible. Those under me betrayed me & my trust” Murdoch. At the Senator Levin hearings, not ONE of those four GS top-earning witnesses –those brilliant “quant-nebbishes”– took a shred of responsibility. You yourself seemed incapable of grasping Senator Levin’s questions. [On a personal note I did find you more “likeable” than that scary foursome, though this mystifies me.]
GS’s “clever” recklessness played a huge part in causing the recession & the terrible pain it caused all over the nation. The question for you now is “What Lloyd Blankfein/ Goldman Sachs behavior will YOU change; what self-regulation will Mr. Blankfein embrace, so as to avoid causing such pain to us all again?”

There is an even more important question for you & all of Wall St. “Why do you & your 1% friends RESIST & REJECT the need for such regulation when justice REQUIRES it?”

We demand indictments & we demand Perp-walks. We require a healthy Wall St.

–Malachi McCormick, Staten Island

Exhilaration –a brief reflection (Thanks to Jon Stewart and his good-humored but relentlessly cutting sendup of FOX News’s ongoing use of ‘talking points’ as demonstrated on this evening’s Dail Show (2.28.2012) [This is Part Two of two parts.]

February 29th, 2012 Comments Off on Exhilaration –a brief reflection (Thanks to Jon Stewart and his good-humored but relentlessly cutting sendup of FOX News’s ongoing use of ‘talking points’ as demonstrated on this evening’s Dail Show (2.28.2012) [This is Part Two of two parts.]

When I watched the Jon Stewart show this evening (–as described in the foregoing post) I laughed pretty hard, I can tell you. In a few short minutes I was feeling a sort of exhilartion that is –sad to say– simply too rare.

Exhilaration! I had no doubt –that was The Correct Word for it.

Not only was it caused by Stewart’s sense of fun of seeing through Fox’s supposed Grand Propaganda, and the amusing schtick that he employs (–the [perhaps wilder] Stephen Colbert can be equally devastating–) but it was very much magnified by the skill of application, combined with the “mot juste” aptness of it all. Delicious!

Indeed it was the simple truth of the bit that crowned the whole experience for me.

Exhilaration! I thought about the word: yes, no doubt about it –that was what I was feeling. Yes, it is an unusual word –one not often employed by us grownups. I considered it, and quickly saw the “hilarity” contained within. “Hilarity” is an even rarer word, again –not too often employed. [When I thought about it for a minute, an image of my grandmother Johanna O’Neill came to mind: she herself often shook with mirth, but in this case –from 60+ years ago– she was corralling a bunch of us kids with a “STOP this hilarity!”.]

Where does “exhilarate” come from? What does it mean? “To make cheerful” said my dictionary. “To INVIGORATE!, stimulate. To make happy.”
“Exhilaration”? “Cheerful; gladdening; invigorating; stimulating.” See synonyms at “Mirth”. See “Hilarity ” –boisterously funny, gay, merry. From the Greek.”
The name “Hilary” –which is for both boys and girls; I think of our own famous female “Hilary” but cannot think of a male counterpart.

Perhaps Bill might think of changing his name.

There was a Saint Hilary of Poitiers (d.368) but I could find no reference to his or her Holy Mirth.

My over-riding response to it all was –not just HOW VERY HEALTHY, and NECESSARY exhilaration and mirth and fun and boisterousness (not forgetting girlsterousness) are to our existence, but also how wonderful that our two root languages of Greek and Latinfo fully recognized that very centrality.

Beware the killjoys!

There is a certain holier-than-thou attitude that we allow to hang over our culture, that relegates and tries to sideline exhilaration and hilarity.
It needs dispelling –which is why people love Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert! (Sometimes I will catch the often humorless Bill O’Reilly give a grudging flicker of a smile. But don’t let Roger/Rupert catch you, Bill.)

And hey, FOX News!: why don’t you join us. You’ve been on this Unrelenting Toxic (and VERY UnAmerican) Binge since the day after President Obama was inaugurated. You’d have a lot more fun. People might listen to you more. Maybe you could make fun of “our” media –though I think they all tend to be a tiny bit more balanced.

How about it, Fox. What would it take?

I’ve had this idea that I might suggest to President Obama. You know, another one of your talking points is that he is always apologising and appeasing the Muslim World.

Of course, I disagree with you: I think you might grant me that any apology for a perceived slight which might actually save the lives of a few United States soldiers in Afghanistan is worth the while (whether it be for Koran-burning or Urinating on Corpses).

But –hear me out. This was my idea: to suggest to President Obama that he apologise to the Family, Wives etc., of Osama Bin Laden, you know –for taking him out. Then Fox could really come in and say “Hey, you’ll never guess what Obama’s gone and done now!” that would really last a long time on Fox news. Then some one like, say, oh, Charles Krauthammer or Mitch McConnell could Tweet them a “Just kidding!”

Think what fun we could have!