Shipping Odds & Ends:

  1. Paypal is our payment processor.
  2. Shipping: USPS Priority Mail.

100% Secure Payments:
You can relax knowing that PayPal will be handling your payment.
PayPal uses the highest level of encryption to receive your information.
No financial information is stored in this website.

Base Shipping fee:
The base fee on local shipping is seventy five cents.

Per Book Shipping fee:
The individual price to ship each book is 1.65 to 3.50 based on weight.
Shipping is going to be upgraded very soon!
Tracking your Packages:
Tracking codes are available after the order has been processed if you do not receive one please email
Malachi [malachimccormick@msndotcom]. Remove “dot” and replace with a period.

Email Confirmations:
You will receive 2 emails: one from this store and one from PayPal.

Gifts and Signing:
Select “Signed” and Malachi will sign the book to whomever you wish.
Select Gift Tag & Signed and Malachi will hand craft an elegant gift tag and sign the book (s) to whomever you wish.
A specially made gift tag costs one dollar extra and will be automatically added to the order if you select this option.
There is no fee for the Signed option but Signed books cannot be returned.

Call 718 720 5976 if you have any questions.
Email [malachimccormick@msndotcom]